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An important question to ask is “Are we ready to import and export?

It’s not merely enough to want to buy or sell your products internationally; you should also be prepared for this new business venture.
While export businesses differ, they all share specific characteristics, including a committed management team, production capacity, and financial capacity.

Market research is an essential step in the export process. With more than 190 countries in the world to export to, you want to make sure that you’re targeting the right ones. Through market research, we can help you to determine which countries hold potential for your products, who your competitors are in that marketplace, and what the trends are for your products in that market.

Just like your domestic business, your import and export business will require a comprehensive plan to help you identify the steps to buying and selling internationally. A business plan will help you understand the legal requirements for getting your product into a new market, determine the costs associated with importing and exporting and develop an overall strategy for this new endeavor. The Bao Lyon Group, LLC will be able to help every step of the way, preparing your enterprise for it.
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Import and Export planning

Our organization has a Department of International Affairs ready to provide planning and guidance for your expansion project. We are prepared to:

  • Assess your company’s export readiness
  • Build an export plan
  • Research and select your target market
  • Create an export marketing plan
  • Determine the best methods of delivering your product or service to your target market
  • Develop a sound financial plan
  • Research your target markets finding suppliers and buyers for your products
  • Help you understand the fundamental legal aspects of international trades, including regulations, risks, and benefits on each market.

Screening Potential Markets

  1. Our company can help you to obtain exports and imports statistics to see where products like yours are currently going.
  2. We can identify potential markets. Of the countries you have identified, which hold the most potential? Are the markets growing there? Remember to not just look at the most significant markets; look at the smaller secondary markets that might have fewer competitors.
  3. We can help you to target the most promising ones. Of the markets you have identified you can then choose three to five that you feel hold the most promise, and begin further research.

Assessing Your Target Markets

  1. Examine product trends. Look for information on your product as well as related products. You can also look to industry associations that are related to your business. Even if you’re not a member, they might have research reports available to you.
  2. Research the competition. You need to know who your competitors are. This includes both foreign competitors and domestic. 
  3. Analyze the market. Research any factors that may affect the marketing and use of your product. For example, does your product name have a different meaning in the local language, or do you need to change your sizing to suit the local market?
  4. Identify barriers. You also need to know if there are any significant export barriers or import barriers. The most common export barriers are export controls for certain products. To check to see if there are any export controls for your products. Import barriers could include significant import duties or import regulations for your product. You will need to check with the foreign country’s customs agency to determine what these may be.
  5. We can guide you to choose a market. Once you have conducted market research, you should determine which market is most suitable. For a small business that is just starting exporting, we recommend that you target at most two markets at a time.

Finding Qualified Buyers

Once identified the markets that you’re going to target, we will help you to find the buyers for your product in that market. There are various strategies you might want to consider:
  • Search online. We will help you to design a proper research strategy providing helpful reports of sites, search engines and dedicated business websites.
  • Attend trade shows. For a list of trade shows, you could refer to biztradeshows.
  • Contact industry associations. When researching your targeted export market, look for any relevant industry associations as they will often publish a list of their member companies or be able to provide one to you.
  • Use the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade of your country for companies that are export-ready and have commercialized products already.

Taking Care of Logistics

Once you’ve made a sale, you’ll have to ship your product to your international customer. Because of the complexity of moving products out of the country; we will help you to get assistance from freight forwarders (companies that arrange the shipment of goods from one country to another). Contact us for more details tailored to your need!

Export documentation: It's All in the Details

If you’re exporting for the first time, we also recommend that you work closely with your freight forwarder to make sure your documentation is all in order.
The foreign country to which you’re exporting or buying from, might require you to complete documentation to comply with import/export regulations. The Bao Lyon Group, LLC can prepare you to be ready for all the legal aspects of the process.

Pricing it Right

There are various methods for you to determine the pricing of your product. The most common include:

Cost based. In this method, you calculate all of the costs associated with manufacturing your product and exporting your products. Using this method, you can determine if exporting is a financially viable option for your company. Some critical costs to consider are: (Fees for market research; Production costs; export documentation; Freight insurances; Import duties; Wholesaler mark-up; Importer/distributor markup; Retail markup; Travel expenses; Translation costs; Product adaptation costs; Commissions or other costs associated with foreign representatives and entities which will provide A/R support in case or recovery delays).

Market demand. Here, you’ll research the market to find out what consumers are willing or able to pay. If you determine that your current selling price is too high for the new export market, there might be ways for you to modify your product to bring its cost down.

Competitor pricing. If there are a lot of competitors in the new market, you might be forced to match your competitors’ pricing to compete effectively.

Payment Terms

It’s important to clarify with your buyer the terms of sale that outline the obligations, risks, and costs of the buyer and the seller.
Incoterms are the most commonly agreed upon terms of sale in international business. Please visit the International Chamber of Commerce website for a full description of incoterms.

Methods of Payment

You’ll want to make sure that you get paid in full and on time. How you manage this will depend on how trustworthy your buyer is. The basic methods of payment, listed in order of least risky to most risky for the exporter, are:

  • Cash in advance. Your company receives payment for the goods, usually by wire transfer or sometimes by cheque, or even credit card, in advance of the shipment. Once you receive the money, you arrange to ship the product to the buyer.
  • Documentary Letters of Credit (LCs). These are usually a good compromise for both the buyer and the seller, and are the most common payment method in international business. LCs work by relying on banks to receive and check shipping documents and guarantee payment. For more information on LCs, contact your business bank.
  • Open account. If the buyer is well established, very trustworthy, and has been thoroughly checked for credit worthiness, you might consider simply billing the buyer who will pay you at a later date, (Net Payment Terms: 30/60/90).
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"As the world get smaller, international trade can be a complicated and tricky business".

"Selling internationally is a great way to expand into new markets, boost your customer base and grow your business, but there are challenges you may face. How well do you know the customer? Will you be paid for your goods or services?"

"To remove these and other obstacles rely on experts with international business experience. Export services are designed to support you at every stage of the process. They can address your cash flow needs by helping to fund transactions, make trade safer by reducing payment and currency risks, and improve your business efficiency by ensuring that payments are managed securely and costs efficiently"

- Commerce Bank

All four steps: IDENTIFY, ASSIGN, INVESTIGATE & REPORT are key to our success and the reason why our system is successful








Expertise / Compliance / Support
Project Handling
If your organization has a domestic or international project that needs management, we can help. From the initiation/planning phase through its execution/implementation we can assure that there are monitoring tools in place to complete your endeavor. If your company wants to expand to new markets, The Bao Lyon Group, LLC can provide compliance with the Rules, Standards, and Regulations needed to warranty the return on your investment. Call us for details!
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International Receivables Support

Selling your products in foreign markets is a great way to expand your reach and boost your customer base. It is essential for every company to grow but requires expert surveillance of the newly developed market to assure the risks are minimized, and all investments are guaranteed. Our experience on the international field will be a great asset to your organization. Contact us for a free assessment of your accounts!
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Import / Export Management
If your company manufactures a product that wants to commercialize internationally, we can provide an expert brokerage service finding new markets, clients, suppliers & customs agents to fulfill your need every step of the way. After the export/import process is complete, we could also monitor the international transaction assuring a prompt payment for the exported/imported materials. We can help you to maintain your cash flow in optimal condition; just let us know!
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Mergers & Acquisitions / Mining & Exploration

The critical principle behind an M&A is that two companies together are more valuable than two separate entities -at least, that's the reasoning, especially when times are tough. Reliable companies will act to buy other organizations to create a more competitive, cost-efficient and, theoretically, more shareholder value. The Bao Lyon Group, LLC can help your team to accomplish a small, medium or broad merge process. Lets us know your plans, and we will generate a set of options tailored specifically to your needs. We can also offer a specialized Research & Development team if your company deals with Mining and Exploration. Call us for details!
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Responsiveness & Professionalism
Letters Rogatory
Also known as letters of request, are a formal request from a court to a foreign court for some type of judicial assistance. The most common remedies sought by letters rotatory are services of process and taking of evidence.

In some cases these letters cannot be transmitted from court to court and requires the assistance of consular offices or diplomatic channels. Let us know if we can be of service!
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Service by Agent
Process Servers are people who deliver court documents, domestically or internationally. It could be an individual, institutions or any authorized personnel by the country in which the service is to be performed. Usually those individuals deliver summons and complaints necessary to start a trial. They are commonly used on civil, commercial cases. Contact our offices for details!
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Deposition Services
Deposition services are taking orally, with an attorney asking questions before a trial. Usually those events are video recorded to assure accuracy of the testimony. Depositions are taken under oath and the court reporter and the defendant often sign affidavits attesting to the accuracy of the subsequent printed transcript.

Internationally, depositions are a discovery tool for civil cases and it require experienced personnel as well as legal counsel to be performed.
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Translation & Authentication Services
Utilizing our network of service providers, we can offer document translations to more than 75 languages in the world. In some cases those documents will need to be authenticated and our partners are qualified to comply with all legal requirements to assure your document is accurately translated and delivered.
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