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We define mineral deposits as natural accumulations of minerals in the earth crust, in form of one or several mineral bodies which can be extracted at the present time or in an immediate future. Mineral deposits (metallic, non-metallic and combustible materials) constitute major raw materials for industrial development today, and the demand for these raw materials is ever increasing. Mineral deposits include several different types related to magmatic, hydrothermal, sedimentary and metamorphic processes.
While exploration and mining can sometimes be performed by individual entrepreneurs or small business, most modern-day mines are large enterprises requiring large amounts of capital to establish. Consequently, the mining sector of the industry is often dominated by multinational companies, most of them publicly listed.
In today's global economy, what is referred to as the 'mining industry' actually involves two sectors, one specializing in exploration for new resources, the other specializing in mining those findings. The exploration sector is typically made up of individuals and small mineral resource companies ("juniors") dependent on venture capital. The mining sector is usually a large multi-national company sustained by mineral production from their mining operations. In addition to these two industries, various other activities such as equipment manufacture, environmental testing, and metallurgy analysis also rely on and support the mining industry throughout the world.
Mining operations can be grouped into five major categories regarding their respective resources. These are oil and gas extraction, coal mining, metal ore mining, nonmetallic mineral mining and quarrying, and support activities for mining. Out of all these categories, oil and gas extraction remains one of the largest concerning its global economic importance. Prospecting potential mining sites, a vital area of concern for the mining industry is now done using sophisticated new technologies such as seismic prospecting and remote-sensing satellites.
Utilizing broad international connections, The Bao Lyon Group, LLC can provide your company with buyers, sellers or distributors for your products, worldwide. Contact us for details.
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"Mining is a risky business. In order to minimize this risk it is crucial to have an in depth and well defined understanding of the geological region when targeting and developing prospective sites."

"The science of prospecting for deposits large enough for commercial viability involves extensive field work prior to any extraction operation. Mining exploration includes material sampling and analysis which is costly and time consuming when performed with traditional laboratory based methods.

- ASD, Inc.

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Services we can provide

Utilizing our broad network of international contractual services, The Bao Lyon Group, LLC can provide
Expertise / Compliance / Support
Project Handling
If your organization has a domestic or international project that needs management, we can help. From the initiation/planning phase through its execution/implementation we can assure that there are monitoring tools in place to complete your endeavor. If your company wants to expand to new markets, The Bao Lyon Group, LLC can provide compliance with the Rules, Standards, and Regulations needed to warranty the return on your investment. Call us for details!
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International Receivables Support

Selling your products in foreign markets is a great way to expand your reach and boost your customer base. It is essential for every company to grow but requires expert surveillance of the newly developed market to assure the risks are minimized, and all investments are guaranteed. Our experience on the international field will be a great asset to your organization. Contact us for a free assessment of your accounts!
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Import / Export Management
If your company manufactures a product that wants to commercialize internationally, we can provide an expert brokerage service finding new markets, clients, suppliers & customs agents to fulfill your need every step of the way. After the export/import process is complete, we could also monitor the international transaction assuring a prompt payment for the exported/imported materials. We can help you to maintain your cash flow in optimal condition; just let us know!
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Mergers & Acquisitions / Mining & Exploration

The critical principle behind an M&A is that two companies together are more valuable than two separate entities -at least, that's the reasoning, especially when times are tough. Reliable companies will act to buy other organizations to create a more competitive, cost-efficient and, theoretically, more shareholder value. The Bao Lyon Group, LLC can help your team to accomplish a small, medium or broad merge process. Lets us know your plans, and we will generate a set of options tailored specifically to your needs. We can also offer a specialized Research & Development team if your company deals with Mining and Exploration. Call us for details!
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