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Rely on a firm that has successfully provided financial solutions worldwide since 2003.

The Bao Lyon Group, LLCHandling your assignments

We use a systematic approach when establishing a recommendation on how to handle your slow pay, and no pay accounts. Our professional investigators/negotiators (*), will first IDENTIFY the financial facts, viability and feasibility of recovering your past due portfolio based on, markets, economic conditions, resources and established business partners.

Once we have gathered this information, we will chart the best strategy that will not only secure your financial interest but achieve the quickest solution to full settlement of your debtor’s financial obligation.

We’ll then recommend to
ASSIGN the account to investigators* to assure prompt attention to your receivables. They will provide the final negotiation strategy based on actual findings. The INVESTIGATIVE process will uncover all hidden aspects of the debtor's real/factual situation, regardless what they have said to you. These asset and liabilities investigations along with the research of foreign investments/assets will enhance the chances of a successful recovery process.
Based on our REPORT you will be able to pursue every account regardless of location, size or collect-ability by utilizing an international network of field investigators. It just does not matter where your debtor resides because they do not rely on phone calls or mass mailings to accomplish the task your company has empower them to do.
They can visit your customer face-to-face; excelling on this inventive technique, makes your debtor prioritize your bill deciding to pay it first.

Utilizing our consulting services will save you time and money because you will be using a proven strategy that has
helped many organizations internationally. Call us for more details!
(*) Contractual services
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"If your customer has possession of your goods, and you've done nothing to make sure you get paid, all is not lost. But you've got a lot of legwork to do".
"It's almost as if you're treating the customer as if they're local. In other words, you admit (to yourself, at least) that legal recourse is almost nonexistent, and work to wheedle or shame the money out of your customer anyway".

"Whether you line up customers in advance or pre-sell merchandise, trust is a critical factor in the grand scheme of the product imports process".
"Further, it is no surprise importing for the first time is complex.  For example do you go this way, that way or the other way?  Yet the rewards for getting started can be lucrative — from access to cheaper products to a stronger competitive stance in the marketplace".
"But the biggest mistake importers make is this:  How are you going to sell the product you import at a profit?"

Laurel Delaney

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All four steps: IDENTIFY, ASSIGN, INVESTIGATE & REPORT are key to our success and the reason why our system is successful








Expertise / Compliance / Support
Project Handling
If your organization has a domestic or international project that needs management, we can help. From the initiation/planning phase through its execution/implementation we can assure that there are monitoring tools in place to complete your endeavor. If your company wants to expand to new markets, The Bao Lyon Group, LLC can provide compliance with the Rules, Standards, and Regulations needed to warranty the return on your investment. Call us for details!
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International Receivables Support

Selling your products in foreign markets is a great way to expand your reach and boost your customer base. It is essential for every company to grow but requires expert surveillance of the newly developed market to assure the risks are minimized, and all investments are guaranteed. Our experience on the international field will be a great asset to your organization. Contact us for a free assessment of your accounts!
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Import / Export Management
If your company manufactures a product that wants to commercialize internationally, we can provide an expert brokerage service finding new markets, clients, suppliers & customs agents to fulfill your need every step of the way. After the export/import process is complete, we could also monitor the international transaction assuring a prompt payment for the exported/imported materials. We can help you to maintain your cash flow in optimal condition; just let us know!
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Mergers & Acquisitions / Mining & Exploration

The critical principle behind an M&A is that two companies together are more valuable than two separate entities -at least, that's the reasoning, especially when times are tough. Reliable companies will act to buy other organizations to create a more competitive, cost-efficient and, theoretically, more shareholder value. The Bao Lyon Group, LLC can help your team to accomplish a small, medium or broad merge process. Lets us know your plans, and we will generate a set of options tailored specifically to your needs. We can also offer a specialized Research & Development team if your company deals with Mining and Exploration. Call us for details!
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Responsiveness & Professionalism
Letters Rogatory
Also known as letters of request, are a formal request from a court to a foreign court for some type of judicial assistance. The most common remedies sought by letters rotatory are services of process and taking of evidence.

In some cases these letters cannot be transmitted from court to court and requires the assistance of consular offices or diplomatic channels. Let us know if we can be of service!
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Service by Agent
Process Servers are people who deliver court documents, domestically or internationally. It could be an individual, institutions or any authorized personnel by the country in which the service is to be performed. Usually those individuals deliver summons and complaints necessary to start a trial. They are commonly used on civil, commercial cases. Contact our offices for details!
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Deposition Services
Deposition services are taking orally, with an attorney asking questions before a trial. Usually those events are video recorded to assure accuracy of the testimony. Depositions are taken under oath and the court reporter and the defendant often sign affidavits attesting to the accuracy of the subsequent printed transcript.

Internationally, depositions are a discovery tool for civil cases and it require experienced personnel as well as legal counsel to be performed.
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Translation & Authentication Services
Utilizing our network of service providers, we can offer document translations to more than 75 languages in the world. In some cases those documents will need to be authenticated and our partners are qualified to comply with all legal requirements to assure your document is accurately translated and delivered.
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